Living Longer, Living Better

Five new bills, introduced into parliament last month, signified a concerted push forward for Australia’s aged care sector. The bills, if passed, will usher in significant reform to the Aged Care Act 1997 – including $1.2 billion to help improve wages and conditions for aged care workers.

Prescription for ChangePrescription for Change


The organisation now offers a comprehensive range of community services throughout Queensland, including aged care, lifestyle (retirement living), education, communities and youth.

Young at Heart

St Laurence Community Services

“The goal is helping those who are disadvantaged to become, or to remain, independent and active members of the local community,” CEO Toby O’Connor explains.

Helping People Help Themselves

The Montefiore Home

With 12 decades of award winning service under its belt, the Montefiore Home certainly stands out. “I think the first thing that really sets us apart is that we have operated with a very successful cross subsidy model,” reports CEO Robert Orie. “That is really the defining difference between us and a lot of other charitables.”

Leading the Way in Aged Care

The Fitness Generation

“In the last 12 to 18 months, from an industry point of view, we’ve found that fitness has moved away from simply being a fad. It’s breeding in people’s daily lives now, whether it’s going for a walk with the kids, a ride on your bike or doing your own high level training at the gym. So one of our goals is to encourage people across all age groups to participate more in fitness,” says Andrew Cocks, National Marketing Manager of The Fitness Generation.

Investing in Health and Wellbeing

Perth Cardiovascular Institute

Perth Cardiovascular Institute was first established by a group of doctors who were working in a public hospital and wanted to have a separate facility in which to see their private patients. The institute gradually grew as other cardiologists joined the group. The institute boasts one of the original cardiovascular departments and was started roughly fourteen years ago.

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National Lifestyle Villages

We question what we eat and how we think, and we seek out the latest health and scientific treatments and technologies to calm our minds, strengthen our muscles and live lives which are not only measured in years, but by the quality of life we experience.

Living the Dream

Health Networks Australia

The public is likely most aware of the organisation’s sports medicine service, as the company operates nearly forty LifeCare branded centres around the country and has developed plans for expansion into further medical sectors. LifeCare General Manager Michael Kenihan tells us about that growth.

Lean and Healthy

Carrington Care

When Raad Richards stepped into the CEO role at Carrington Care nine years ago, his first mission was to embark on a forward-looking strategy for growth. He wanted to establish a name for the organisation within the aged care sector and ensure that Carrington Care always has the tools needed to remain viable while providing quality services to Sydney’s Southwest.

Preparing for the Future

Boston Scientific

From the start, the company has been clear on its purpose – to benefit public health by bringing more accessible, lower-cost, and lower-trauma medical options to patients. Over the last thirty years plus since, the company has time and again fulfilled that purpose by advancing medical science through the development and commercialisation of transformative medical technologies.

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Stem Cells

The scientific study of stem cells has existed for a long time and has already contributed greatly to modern medicine. As scientific inquiry continues to advance and as discoveries gain more traction and acceptance in the scientific and medical communities, the true breadth and potential of this area of study can start to be realized.

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