Health Projects International

HFBS is a web based software system designed to help plan medical facilities that work, straight from the box, and it is gaining popularity not only in Australia but worldwide, getting recognition such as a 2011 Premier’s Export Award and a gong at the 49th Australia Unlimited awards for its efforts at spreading the system through other countries.

Health Palnning A to Z

Colliers International

Looking to Exit? Colliers will Lead the Way Colliers InternationalBy Jacqueline Ong View in E-MagazineView in Brochure It is easy to see why Colliers International springs to mind when one thinks about real estate services. It is, after all, recognised as a leader in the Australian property sector through its outstanding results and achievement of high profile industry awards and accolades. Founded when three independent and well-established professional services firms located across Australia decided to join forces in the mid-60s, Colliers International is today a global success. Under its strong and visionary leadership, Colliers International continues to build its brand […]

Looking to Exit? Colliers will Lead the Way

Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals

Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals (ACP) has been gently reinventing that formula in principle, although so much has happened to health care in the 50-odd years since that system changed that it is hardly recognisable today.

Designer Grugs


Three years ago, the company acquired the telehealth arm of its business, which had already been in the market for ten or so years throughout Europe and in the US.

At the Leading Edge of Care

Southern Sun Healthcare

Working to address this need and increase awareness among Australians of the dangers of sun exposure, Southern Sun Healthcare has worked since 2002 to provide the highest quality skin cancer identification and treatment services available across the nation.

Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Professionals

KinCare Group

Since it was formed over 20 years ago by registered nurse Margaret Howie, KinCare has grown and adapted to changes in the health care industry, yet remains committed to ongoing research, staff training and development, consistent high quality care, and achieving the best possible outcome for all clients across Australia.

The Future of In-Home Care

DJO Global

In a recent interview, General Manager Andrew Weir explained that DJO Global’s products have been available in Australia for some thirty years through the brands of Donjoy, Aircast, Procare and Chattanooga. Operating as a direct subsidiary of the US parent for the last four years, the company has started to really motor.

Your Flexible Friend

Device Technologies

In Australia, one company is committed to not only seeing these innovative technologies in the nation’s public and private hospitals, but to providing the support and training necessary to ensure health care professionals can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Medical Technology of the Future, Today

AFT Pharmaceuticals

“We are trying to target the areas that other people are not doing,” Founder and Managing Director Dr Hartley Atkinson explains. “We are trying to target areas where we think we can add something different or we can add some value.”

Working for your Health

Stem Cells

The scientific study of stem cells has existed for a long time and has already contributed greatly to modern medicine. As scientific inquiry continues to advance and as discoveries gain more traction and acceptance in the scientific and medical communities, the true breadth and potential of this area of study can start to be realized.

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