South West Healthcare

The organisation has pooled all of its resources, and with a galvanising effort has changed the way it brings healthcare to the public in the Warrnambool district of Victoria. Its business plan makes sense; the new $26 million Warrnambool Community Health facility just opened in November but is already being looked at as a model for healthcare in Australia.

Integrated Healthcare

Benalla Health

Located in the north eastern region of Victoria, Benalla’s rich history goes back hundreds of years. Known today for industries including tourism and agriculture, Benalla is positioned between Euroa and Wangaratta on the main road and rail route between Melbourne and Sydney, with Benalla Health serving the immediate and surrounding areas.

A History of Helping Others

West Gippsland Healthcare Group

The shire is made up of the former shires of Buln Buln and Narracan, City of Warragul and part of the Shire of Yarra Ranges, and is experiencing a dramatic influx of people keen on a semi-rural existence within reach of the big city.

Balancing the Books

Princess Alexandra Hospital

Professor Len Gray is an academic geriatrician working for the University of Queensland at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. “We are already doing a lot of work with small rural hospitals for example, where there are people living miles away needing advice and with that is a lot of follow up and medical consultation information that we can virtually take to the bedside where in the past this might have caused a very long ambulance trip.” The system eliminating this trip is Telehealth.

The Future is Now - Telehealth at Princess Alexandra HospitalThe Future is Now - Telehealth at Princess Alexandra Hospital

Guarding Your Health

Boasting thirteen distribution centres, four hundred suppliers, four thousand pharmacy customers and twelve thousand product lines, Sigma is proud to deliver six hundred thousand quality products every day.

Sigma Pharmaceuticals

Community Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Guild is the national peak body representing community pharmacy. It seeks to serve the interests of its members and to support community pharmacy in its role of delivering quality health outcomes for all Australians. The Guild was established in 1928, bringing together several small retail pharmacy organisations then operating in the various states.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Sweetening The Pill

This South Australia based operation has ridden the wave of the changing dynamic of medication provision and is poised not only to grow further in the near future, but also to increase its lead in the sphere of corporate social responsibility – and to shout about it.

HPS Pharmacies

Successful Strategies for Australian Manufacturing

Making good on this commitment has its challenges, but several key strategies keep the Brisbane based company ahead. Not surprisingly, wise management has been foundational to the company’s success. “You’ve got to be continually looking at how to improve your processes,” Managing Director Barry Thomas insists. “You have to maintain the quality of your manufacturing and the standards of the employees.”

Cook Medical

Empowering People

“We really strive to do everything as a team with integrity, flexibility and reliability. These are values that underpin the business as a whole,” says CEO of Colbrow Healthcare, Christina Widuckel. “Colbrow is here to help. Whether we’re filling a sick leave vacancy in an ICU unit in one of Melbourne’s major hospitals or we’re providing qualified advice to a new mum in her first week of bringing home a new baby, Colbrow can help.”

Colbrow Healthcare

Building a Bridge to a Better Life

If we were to breakdown our lives into segments of time spent doing specific things and being specific places – driving to work, watching TV on the couch, sleeping in bed – and then break down the associated cost of each of the elements against these activities, something sticks out as glaringly obvious…

Beds for Backs

Stem Cells

The scientific study of stem cells has existed for a long time and has already contributed greatly to modern medicine. As scientific inquiry continues to advance and as discoveries gain more traction and acceptance in the scientific and medical communities, the true breadth and potential of this area of study can start to be realized.

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