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National Patient Transport

A wholly Australian-owned company, National Patient Transport was created soon after the Victorian Government de-regulated the Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) sector, allowing privately run ambulance companies to transport patients, a service which was performed by Ambulance Victoria up until that point. “Having critical emergency resources tied up in non-emergency work can negatively impact on response times, and Ambulance Victoria’s ability to service emergencies within the community,” says Jeff Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at National Patient Transport. NPT is contracted by Ambulance Victoria and both public and private hospitals to provide highly reliable and tailored non-emergency patient transport services.

Employing over 300 highly trained staff, the company operates a fleet of over 100 modern, custom built vehicles to meet the needs of customers and ensure compliance with the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Act.

The NPT vehicle fleet includes ambulance stretcher vehicles, wheelchair (hoist) vehicles and walker vehicles operated by qualified Ambulance Officers, Critical Care Registered Nurses and Patient Transport Officers. Staffing is determined by the acuity level of the patients as outlined by the Department of Health Clinical Practice Protocols.

In the event of an emergency, National Patient Transport’s modern vehicles are equipped with portable and fixed oxygen equipment, suction, airway management equipment, a cardiac monitor with defibrillator and all necessary first aid supplies. Staff are accredited in rapid response defibrillation, managing patients with respiratory conditions, cardiac arrest management, pain management and oxygen administration. Lights and sirens can be used under the direction of Ambulance Victoria.

National Patient Transport services are focused on not only moving all patients in a safe and comfortable manner, but improving patient access and hospital bed flow. National Patient Transport is able to move patients from one location to another any time of the day or night, any day of the year. “Since we are in a position to transport patients 24/7, it frees up beds for hospitals,” says Mr Wilson of the NPT Group’s services. “If you’ve got a patient that needs to go from a hospital to a nursing home at 10 o’clock at night, we’ll do it.”

National Patient Transport is able to provide transport services directly to health networks and hospitals. NPT’s management system is fully accredited to ISO 9001: 2008 standards. All vehicles are Global Positioning System (GPS) equipped, have two-way radios, and Smart Phone technologies for GPS and data transmission technology.

“We really pride ourselves on giving the customer – in this case, the hospital – access to what is really happening in real time: where is the patient and what is the status of the patient movement?” The company ensures making a patient transport booking is as easy as possible. Customers are able call the 24/7 Operations Centre directly or make bookings online through its “RealTime” web based bookings system. “We believe we add more value than the majority of our competitors as we’ve been first to act in a number of initiatives, like providing our customers with our free online booking and patient management system ‘RealTime,’” says Mr Wilson.

National Patient Transport has a number of other innovative services including HATS, its High Acuity Transport Service. Launched in 2006, HATS is unique to the non-emergency patient transport industry in Victoria and is a highly reliable and cost-effective transport service for haemodynamically stable, high acuity patients who do not require transport under emergency conditions (lights and sirens). Providing an invaluable service to the majority of public hospital networks in metropolitan Melbourne, HATS has provided inter hospital transport for many patients with cardiac and respiratory conditions.

Focused on maintaining the continuum of complex nursing and medical care for patients during inter-hospital transfers, HATS patients are escorted by a fully qualified Critical Care Registered Nurse in purpose-designed vehicles designed to accommodate ventilators, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Biphasic Positive Airway Pressure multiple infusions, Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump – all without interruption to operation.

National Patient Transport is actively involved in providing a number of tailored services, such as stand-by medical support for community gatherings, sporting events, thoroughbred racing, and other events. These events often require trauma-qualified doctors, critical care nurses, ambulance attendants or patient transport officers. These medical teams are on hand to provide first aid and immediate care to anyone from participants in the event to the spectators.

NPT is in the process of becoming a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and currently provides training and reaccreditation in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). NPT also provides emergency trauma training to its own staff and external hospitals. “We are confident of the high quality of our training programs and believe that continuously training and developing our people will be the difference in the long term. Such is the quality of our training that some hospitals have engaged NPT to train their staff in BLS and ACLS,” says Mr Wilson.

In the future, NPT Group is eager to build its national presence across Australia, provide solutions to larger national companies, investigate opportunities with public and private hospitals and increase the number of sporting, racing and community events it attends. “We provide a cost-effective alternative to state based ambulance services and as a result have grown considerably over the last 20 years. NPT proudly brings to the table integrated patient flow and access solutions with the aim of consistently delivering high quality, on-time non-emergency patient services for the best value for money.”
National Patient Transport takes pride in understanding and appreciating the needs of its customers, employing the best people, and constantly reviewing performance to ensure superior service delivery.

Stem Cells

The scientific study of stem cells has existed for a long time and has already contributed greatly to modern medicine. As scientific inquiry continues to advance and as discoveries gain more traction and acceptance in the scientific and medical communities, the true breadth and potential of this area of study can start to be realized.

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