The ‘Apple’ of the Fitness Industry

CardioTech Australia

The only requirement for the user is motivation, perseverance and guidance to achieve the end result – self esteem from a body that is healthy, fit and lean. But it’s not just about looking good. It’s about feeling great as well – a sense of total body well being.

Fitness results no longer require expensive, time consuming gym memberships. A recessed economy has tightened purse strings and busy lifestyles have made time a precious commodity. People are drawn to the prospect that results can be attained in the comfort of their own home, on their own time, at a fraction of the cost.

“Being in the industry,” says David Gray, CEO of CardioTech Australia, “we are fully aware of new innovations and trends. Our choice and design of products is influenced by how we can cater for lifestyle changes and address people’s needs. I like to think of CardioTech as the ‘Apple’ of the fitness industry.”

Initiated in 2005, CardioTech has established itself as the leader in Australia’s home fitness industry. As the owner of the CardioTech family empire, David pioneered the largest home fitness equipment retail chain, Workout World, in 1982. As the creator of over five fitness machines and concepts, David is an avid inventor, constantly in collaboration with exercise physiologists to design and promote fitness machines that are innovative, functional and beneficial to their users.

With 30 years of experience, David believes that necessity is the mother of invention. “I’ve always had the mindset that if there’s not a product on the market meeting customer’s needs, well – we’ll just invent one.” He says that CardioTech was created to provide solutions that work for anyone who takes the initiative to feel good about themselves, and more importantly, to live longer. “Obesity is rampant in Australia and childhood obesity is becoming a growing danger – it’s heart breaking.”

CardioTech maintains 20 retail kiosks nationally, a concept that has proved to be a winning marketing strategy for the company. With dynamic demonstrations incorporating wide screen televisions and high impact light boxes, these kiosks instil in customers that fitness can be fun and affordable. “Our reputation was established as Queensland’s premium fitness equipment experts quite quickly,” says David.

With 80 employees and over 100 dealers nationally, CardioTech’s vision of expansion is ongoing. “We see CardioTech as the leading national home fitness specialist, with company and franchise kiosks spread across Australia in all major shopping centres,” says David, “with a highly developed online presence.” It is that online presence that’s changing the retail environment very quickly. CardioTech invests considerable resources into digital planning, now and for its future marketing endeavours. “We have a strategy that complements our kiosks while harnessing the vast opportunities online,” explains David.

With an array of models and price points to choose from, selecting a home treadmill, for example, can be an overwhelming experience – even for those experienced in fitness. CardioTech aligns itself with one of the best treadmill factories in the world – producers of high quality fully featured treadmills for both the home and health clubs. CardioTech’s X9 treadmill, one of the best on the market, incorporates Air Flex Double Cushioning and an advanced motor Leeson motor designed in the USA (considered the most reliable in the industry), so essentially, “You’re getting the Harley Davidson of treadmill motors,” says David. He emphasises that treadmill cost shouldn’t be the foremost consideration prior to purchase. It really isn’t the best approach when considering the complexity of precision, both mechanically and electronically, in treadmill technology. “We’re gradually educating our customers to the fact that treadmills vary greatly in quality, reliability, warranty, warranty response time and features,” he adds.

The warranty is a customer’s signal of quality. It’s a promise made by the manufacturer that a product is free of defects and malfunction. Warranties reduce a consumer’s perception of risk; but not all warranties are created equal. CardioTech knows that an exercise machine, to be effective, has to function at optimum capacity; people’s fitness and health goals are dependent on reliable equipment. CardioTech is the only company in the industry that will guarantee that parts are always available, and that equipment will be working within days, not weeks, as with other competitors. David indicates that one of the company’s dealers commented, “‘CardioTech’s service is not only the best in the industry… we set the benchmark.’”

Regardless of competitive pressure, “CardioTech will always maintain a high quality service culture focused on both warranty and non warranty back up,” says David. “Our customers have peace of mind with longer warranty terms and an exceptionally fast response time.”

It was just last year that CardioTech became involved with Fitness and Health Expos as a means to showcase its products to home users. Customers appreciate that CardioTech is more than just a fitness equipment retailer. The team offers expert advice and programs geared toward results and individual goals. Many of CardioTech’s staff and trainers possess Certification in Personal Training. “These Expos provide the opportunity to showcase our core products to motivated home users,” David explains. Additionally, these expos highlight technological advances in fitness equipment such as Whole Body Vibration – “An impressive technology that allows a full weight resistance workout in the fraction of the time it would take at the gym.”

Whole Body Vibration, (WBV), utilised in hospitals, health clubs and physiotherapy, is not a new concept. It dates back to the 1960s when Russian scientists realised its benefits to cosmonauts on their sometimes extended flights in zero gravity, which makes muscles and bones weak. Essentially, the plates on WBV machines vibrate at a frequency of 20 to 50 times per second, increasing G-forces on the body, resulting in muscle contraction. This contraction improves strength, increases flexibility and builds lean muscle. Lean muscle “is like a furnace, driving our metabolism,” explains David, “so even at rest your body is burning maximum calories.” He suggests that the technology is suitable for most people, particularly those who are overweight. “Using our internationally recognised programs, you can start slow and still achieve remarkable results in just 10 minute sessions, three times a week,” he continues. As well, “They’re now seeing promising results using WBV with a number of debilitating diseases… one day this technology will be a way of life for the majority. It just makes sense.”

It’s important to note that there is a direct link between obesity in Australia, which is projected to increase to 75 per cent of the population by 2020, and its related health care costs – currently at $6.5 billion annually. Aside from controlling overweight and its complications – heart disease, diabetes and cancer, a regular fitness routine can aid in relieving stress and depression by releasing endorphins into the body – the feel good hormone.

Older age groups are also taking advantage of home fitness equipment for reasons of their own. These groups acknowledge the benefits of fitness to quality of life and the promotion of wellness in later years. Research indicates that regular exercise combats osteoporosis, improves cardiovascular performance and increases muscle strength, which consequently reduces falls by improving balance. Involvement with an exercise routine for the elderly can also significantly decrease anxiety and enhance mental health – definite prerequisites to a longer, happier life.

CardioTech not only offers a means to a very valuable end, but a new perspective – a mindset – for lifestyle choices that incorporate fitness into daily activity. It is this mindset that CardioTech adheres to and promotes, now and into the future. “Our future is exciting,” says David. “We plan to expand nationally in shopping centres around Australia with a combination of company stores and franchises. Along with online, retailing will always remain our core business. CardioTech is preparing for an assault on the global market.”

CardioTech: A Fit Choice
David Gray is credited with having invented and introduced the first recumbent exercycle to the fitness market worldwide
First to introduce heart rate monitoring to cardio exercise.
Created the first all body cardio/strength fitness machines called “Powerobics.”
Created the most advanced natural traction machined called “Bioflex.”
Recently patented the Adjustable Exercycle Crank.
Its CardioTechX9 is regarded as the best home treadmill on the market, featuring advanced consoles and three-way heart rate control.
Developed first weight training system using water as a medium.
Fitness programs designed by experts in the field.
The only home fitness company in the world that provides customers with a 16 page colour brochure covering the essence of a treadmill.
High quality, innovative products – at affordable prices.
Offers long warranties, with guaranteed high response times or loan machines offered.

Stem Cells

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